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Important Telephone Numbers

All Emergencies in Spain: Call 112

The emergency call centre handlers are multilingual and will converse in your native language. For those with disabilities, the emergency call centre handlers can also be contacted by sending a fax or SMS to 112.

Other Emergencies:

Ambulance and health emergencies: Call 061 or 112

Fire Brigade: Call 080 or 112

Local Police: Call 092 or 112 and additionally for the Orihuela Costa 649 900 304 (mobile) or 965 300 204 (landline)
The municipal police cover their local town or city area for traffic offences and control, lost property and crimes such as theft and neighbourhood disputes.

Guardia Civil: Call 062
This is a military force that operates mostly in rural areas and is responsible for drug offences, fatal car accidents, robberies and murders.

National Spanish Police: Call 091
The national police mainly work at an urban level in the areas of terrorism, national security and combating crime.

Coastguard: Call 900 202 202

Domestic Violence: Call 016

Other Useful Numbers

Radio Taxi Orihuela Costa: Call 966 761 088

Samaritans in Spain: Call 900 525 100

Orihuela Costa Tourist Information Office: Call 966 760 000 or 965 302 747

Playa Flamenca Post Office: Call 966 761 314

Orihuela Costa Town Hall: Call 966 760 000 or 966 761 250

Torrevieja Hospital: Call 965 721 200

Cabo Roig Medical Centre: Call 966 748 343










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